Sustainability Report 2022


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Purpose and values


At Enex we work every day to contribute to the well-being of our customers, providing quality, innovative and sustainable products and services, promoting a memorable experience that gives them the energy to move where they want to go.

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Committed team

Our team is made up of a total of 4,388 people, including those who work at Enex S.A. and its three subsidiaries in Chile (Inversiones Enex, ESM and Dicomac), Road Ranger in the United States and Enex Paraguay.

Thanks to the work of all of them we are leaders in supplying energy in these markets.


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Milestones 2022
  • Creation of a Community Relations Policy, to address relations with communities, learn about the tools available for this purpose and achieve the objective of being a good neighbor and promoting the social development of communities in the territories in which Enex operates.

  • We design and implement a Community Relations Strategy, which includes carrying out situation diagnoses in all storage plants and in those most exposed service stations.

  • In 2022, our social investment in Enex Chile was CLP$70,319,922, benefiting four institutions.

Main community initiatives in 2022

Health and Safety

Prevention of occupational accidents

At Enex we work to guarantee that Safety, Health, and Environmental regulations are complied with at all levels.

We seek to reduce the risks of accidents, through collaboration with organizations specialized in occupational safety, the incorporation of technology - that allows us to alert our collaborators about incidents - awareness and communication campaigns, and also the promotion of active participation of each member of the company.



Accident rate

(for every 100 workers)


Occupational disease rate

(for every 100 workers)

Hitos 2022
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Reduction in accident rate


decrease in lost days


New hires

Hitos 2022

Environment and Climate

Environmental Management System

We have an environmental management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Download Environmental Policy
Progress towards a circular economy

During 2022, we set out to move forward to comply with the prompt implementation of the REP Law and we formalized our commitment to move towards a circular economy through our Circular Economy Roadmap, which was designed based on an internal survey of all existing initiatives at Enex and was complemented by a study of good practices and new initiatives worldwide.

Milestones 2022
  • Management of the recycling of COMAP fuel plant tanks in Antofagasta. After a process of declassification of the dangerous nature of metals, more than one million seven hundred kilos of scrap metal were recycled, which went to the AZA steel plant in Antofagasta.

  • Alliance with the Collective Management Systems for ReSimple and ProRep containers and packaging

  • Alliance with Recvoil to support the development of a used lubricating oil revaluation plant.

  • 98% of cargo transported by land fleets certified by GiroLimpio.

  • We have 13 water treatment plants and, during 2023, we expect to implement 15 new ones, prioritizing areas with the greatest impact on water scarcity. With this initiative, we will be recycling 70% of the water used in each wash.

Medio Ambiente y clima

Sistema de gestión ambiental

Contamos con sistema de gestión ambiental que cumple con los requisitos de la norma ISO 14001:2015.

Descargar Política de Medio Ambiente
Descargar Sistema de Gestión Ambiental

Nuestro compromiso con el medioambiente

En Enex nos comprometemos a impulsar un futuro neutro en emisiones provenientes de nuestra operación al año 2030, correspondientes al alcance 1 y 2 (directas y por consumo eléctrico). A través de energías renovables, nos adelantaremos a las metas nacionales y mundiales definidas en el Acuerdo de París.

Para lograr este objetivo medimos cautelosamente nuestras emisiones en Alcance 1, 2 y 3 y, paralelamente, trabajamos en iniciativas de eficiencia energética y economía circular.

Hitos 2023

Certificamos por 4to año consecutivo nuestra medición de gases de efecto invernadero bajo el estándar ISO 14064-1:2018.

  • Recibimos de Aguas Andinas un Premio por nuestras iniciativas en eficiencia hídrica.
  • Nuevos contratos de cliente libre en Planta La Greda y estaciones de servicios de San Carlos y Placilla, abasteciendo estos recintos con 4.604 MWh de energía renovable en 2023.
  • Inauguramos 5 plantas fotovoltaicas en estaciones de servicios.
  • Comienzo de alianza con los sistemas de gestión de residuos ProRep y ReSimple en el contexto de la Ley REP.
  • Nuevo estándar de diseño y construcción de estaciones de servicios que promueve la eficiencia energética e hídrica.